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Merchant victim of 4 burglaries in past 3 months


Since December 2007 my stores and myself have been victimized four different times by local criminals to an amount of $8,000 or more in damges and cash. There are or should be criminal charges on at least seven people, all from Sebastian. To this date some of the evidence from the most recent episode has not been picked up. I guess the sheriff and his investigators are on an extended Easter holiday! Just try talking to the recorder!

It seems as though the only people who read the sheriff's weekly column are the ones who don't need it, who voted for him, who don't know what's happening.

His time would be better spent supporting his deputies in the commissioners' court and in the field. His lack of "gumption" and intestinal fortitude was more apparent when he "had to fire David Martinez because of outside pressure." I wonder who is going to hold his hand now?

There is more lawlessness in Willacy County now than ever. We need more people with a "license to carry concealed weapons" in order to pose a threat to criminal activity, our local law enforcement community sure doesn't.

Dario Villegas U.S. Navy. Ret.

2008-03-26 / Letters

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