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Behind the Badge

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What happened to our community pride?
By Larry G. Spence

We were traveling recently, returning from a board of directors meeting of the Sheriff’s Association and decided to take the scenic way back home. We drove through many small towns along the way, and the things that stood out most in these towns was that they were clean. You didn’t see any trash in streets, junk piled up in yards, and there was almost no graffiti. There might have been empty buildings by the roadside but they were untouched as far as any criminal mischief is concerned.

I’m sure the towns had young people living there but you didn’t see them “just walking the streets aimlessly,” as you do here and other parts of the Valley. Perhaps there are more jobs where young people can find employment, and perhaps there are places to go, and things to do, rather than just hanging out and getting into trouble. Just maybe, it’s because they have some pride in their community. Pride that says, “this is a great place to live and to go to school.” Maybe it’s because they focus more on the positive, than on the negative. I’m sure that young people in those towns know that whatever they destroy will have to be fixed, or painted over, or repaired, and this is an additional financial burden on the taxpayers, which includes their parents.

Perhaps other towns are trying to welcome businesses into their communities, perhaps the schools are seeking people to move there and send their children to school there, they realize school is a learning place, not just a place to “hang out” for four years. We need to work on getting our community working together to create the same kind of positive thinking here in our communities and schools. What do you want your hometown to become in five years? Will it be a better place to live, to go to school and church, to raise a family? Or will we continue our current path of mayhem and destruction? We can make a difference. Young and old working together for a better Willacy County. Everyone can find a way to help out in some manner. Talk highly of your community, promote its good points and strive to change its bad points. Do it now, while there is still time.

2010-03-17 / Editorial & Columns

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